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There are 15 total neighborhoods that make up the residential area of Phoenix, Arizona. The southernmost neighborhood is Awhatukee. This mid sized neighborhood is considered part of Phoenix but being with the South Mountain in between Awhatukee and Phoenix, it is easy to separate the neighborhood from the rest of the neighborhoods. This neighborhood separates itself from the others with its quiet lifestyle, recreation opportunities and unique shops that are only found here. Additionally, the school system in Ahwatukee excels in finding the right programs for each individual student based on their needs and strengths. Combine all of this in a community of just over 77,000 residents and the comfortable climate that allows you to throw your snow shovel away and you have the perfect little hideaway in a neighborhood just outside of Phoenix. Contact Sharon Steel today through email or a phone call and she will help you find your own little piece of the growing southern Phoenix neighborhood.


One of the main points that families consider before relocating anywhere is what the school system is like. The educational system in Ahwatukee is part of the Kyrene school district that serves Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler AZ. This school district offers more than just one set curriculum that every student is to achieve, instead, it offers programs and courses that are created to help each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, children even before Kindergarten can begin learning how to speak Spanish and then when they go through K-8 grades, they will spend ½ day speaking English and the other ½ speaking Spanish so by the time they are done with their early education, they are fluent in two languages. Students whose 1st language is Spanish will take a special class before being brought into the program so they will not fall behind in their English courses.

Choice programs are a large part of the school district in Ahwatukee. The choice program is based on what the kid’s individual needs are; for instance, they offer gifted programs, college prep programs, leadership programs and the dual language programs.

If a private school is desired, families also have the option to send their children to Summit School. This is a private, liberal arts school that excels in math and science studies. The school starts kids out as toddlers and goes all the way to the 8th grade. There is a high level of excellence that is expected of both the school and the students who attend the school.

Life in Ahwatukee

Living in Ahwatukee is more than just being close to the big city of Phoenix, it is being nestled into nature, into the foothills of the desert and all that these foothills have to offer. Some of the unique opportunities include a place where you have the option to hire a professional to come in and decorate and organize your new home or they will show you the tools you need to do it yourself. You can learn all types of organization from home office to elegant to rustic. They have the tools and the supplies you need to get started on making your new home your own. The community also has its own website where you can find all types of resources that will guide you into everything that the neighborhood has to offer as well as what neighborhoods and towns surrounding the neighborhood has to offer you. For an exceptional insight into everything in and around Awhatukee, go to ahwatukeelife.com. Here, you will find all types of resources from shopping to organizing and even outsourcing some of your daily chores.


Living in the foothills of Phoenix has many benefits but the most popular benefit may be that of the recreation opportunities for everyone, regardless of age. For starters, there is an all ages recreation center and a separate senior rec center for those residents who are ages 55 and older. The basis for the senior rec center is to keep seniors active and provide specialized activities and classes for them without the worry or stress of younger people running around them. The other rec center is one where anyone who lives in the neighborhood can attend. They offer classes, camps and sports for everyone who is interested. In addition to the structured rec centers, Ahwatukee is home to the South Mountain where you will enjoy all types of mountainous activities including biking, hiking, camping and more. Whatever you want to do to enjoy the outdoors, you will find here.

Ahwatukee is home to many luxuries in life that are not always found in other places. Here you are offered an exceptional educational system as well as fun, sun and adventures for every one of all ages from birth to seniors. Relocating into an area where you enjoy constant sunshine and an array of outdoor activities in a smaller, community based neighborhood is living the dream that most people strive to achieve. Contact Sharon Steel today so she can help you achieve your dream.

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