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Gilbert, Arizona, located southeast of Phoenix, in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area, is one of the premier destination relocation places in the United States. Not only does the city boast numerous awards as to the best place to live, it also offers a perfect climate, booming arts and entertainment world and yearly festivals and events along with the ability for all residents to be active in both nature and sporting activities. Additionally, this historic city still holds historical landmarks, homes and schools throughout the city for the next generation to enjoy. Gilbert is an arts centered city, therefore; everyone who lives in, and visits Gilbert will enjoy a wide array of well known and new, local artists and their work.

History Comes Alive

Gilbert is very proud of its heritage and teaching the next generation where the city came from. When you drive or walk through town, you will find the same homes still standing that where here when the city was founded around 1915. Many homes and buildings, such as the first school and the first jail are still where they were built and now serve as historic landmarks and museums so that everyone can learn about the rich history that dates back to 1902 when Bobby Gilbert offered the land so that the railroad could be built where the city sits today.

Arts and Entertainment

Gilbert is the arts and culture hub of the Phoenix area. From local artists to well-known art exhibits, the arts that are found in Gilbert provide a wide array with something for everyone, and something by anyone. In addition to art museums, art walks and murals, there are 3 theaters that house various plays, musicals and concerts. Each venue has something different, the Higley Center, for example, offers a large concert hall that seats over 1,000 spectators along with a smaller stage that seats 186. The Tuscany Theater is a smaller but sophisticated venue that seats 120 but it boasts plush seating, a box office, rehearsal space and luscious restrooms. The Hale Center offers weekend matinee shows as well as evening performances in the oldest, privately owned theater in the area.

A Safe Place

Gilbert has been named by the FBI as one of the safest cities to live in since it has the lowest murder and violent crime rate in the country. This is a huge accomplishment for any city and it is one that Gilbert is proud of. In fact, there is a 24-hour farmer’s market that is run solely on the honor system. At any time, day or night, you can go to the farmer’s market, grab whatever fruits or veggies you want and place cash or a check in the drop box for the farmer to pick up when they bring in their fresh produce. Being among the safest cities in America is just one element that makes Gilbert one of the best places to live, raise a family and retire.

Always Something to Do

You will not hear “I’m bored!” when you live in Gilbert because there is always something going on, there is always some kind of festivity no matter what time of year it is. In fact, the warm winters and typically sunny weather provides the perfect place for outdoor events all year long. In fact, the downtown concert series holds outdoor concerts even in the month of December. These free concerts offer family friendly entertainment that everyone will enjoy. There are also yearly events like the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, Dream Days that celebrate Martin Luther King and the Gilbert Village Festival. For more information on each celebration, dates and locations, go to

Gilbert is also home to many cultures and with these cultures come different foods. The food truck court offers a type of food court that is outdoors. These trucks rotate so there is always something new and different for you to experience. There is outdoor seating and places for you to bring your lawn chairs.

Kids Programs and Education

Gilbert Public Schools offers education to kids Pre-K through high school as well as other offerings. The public school system offers programs for before and after school for kids from 4 years old through middle school as well as a summer program for all kids, even those who are in high school. For kids who are of high school age but cannot attend regular school, either because they are homeschooled or they have other obstacles, the school district offers global learning where high schoolers throughout the state can attend their classes and earn their diploma online.

Gilbert, Arizona is a place that has held high awards for being a safe place to live, for the economy and for the arts and entertainment that are available to residents and visitors. This is the ideal home for many because of the weather, the schooling and the opportunities throughout the town. This community enjoys the yearly festivals and events that can be held outside any time of year. They enjoy their arts as much as their nature while embracing the towns’ history. If you have been looking for the place to relocate that will give you warm weather, fun times and frequent celebrations, then it is time that you contact Sharon Steel through her email or phone so she can assist you in finding your piece of paradise in this historic, picturesque city in Arizona.

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